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The Padisah Golf Resorts Holding  in Turkey is a Company which consists of round 40 persons. They all are specialists and experts on their fields and in the development and construction of Golf Resorts.

More then 90% are European, Canadian and from the USA, the other 10% are Turks.

We plan and finance Golf Resorts in western and southern Turkey for the last two years. From Çesme with Izmir, about Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethje, Finike, Kemer, Antalya to Adana. At the moment we work on 8 Golf Resorts locations with a total of 24 golf courses
In Turkey there are up to now only 5 Golf Locations with 8 golf courses, with Antalya which are reasonably used for the gulf tourism only.

At the moment merely about 1200 Turks play golf. During the next 15 years this should change while we plan a minimum of  50 Golf Resorts to establish with about 100 golf courses in Turkey.

The standard Golf Resorts are in our planning, consist all of rd. 2,000,000 square meters, 2 suite hotels, 2 club houses, 2 Driving Ranches, short hole golf course and as a rule 2 times 18 holes courses, Golf Villa's and Holiday Owner share Ships (H.O.S.S.) for sale.

Furthermore we standing at the end of the planning's for a " Dutch – Spanish Golf Project " which is based on and consists of  2 connected 18 holes golf courses, Driving ranch and respective 9 holes short hole courses with a golf villa project.This project is split in, by forest segments and hill chains laid sections, and looks very loose therefore and on no account neglects the natural beauties of the surroundings. The forest surfaces, hill surfaces and slope surfaces for forest walks and for the jogging are optimum, amount to about 1,300,000 square meters. The pure golf and villa area amounts to about 2,000,000 square meters. The distance to the airport of Bodrum/Milas amounts to merely 6 km.

Also the ideal weather with only about 30 rain days per year is an advantage and lead in almost every season to the golf play.

And do to the close position of Turkey to Europe, it is a predestinated Golf Paradise of the future.

We dispose of various suitable golf areas with worked out Golf Resort concepts. 

            If you have interest or look for a good investment possibility, then simply contact us.

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