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Medical Care

The medical care especially on the whole west - and south coast of Turkey, as well as in all bigger cities of Turkey is really good. There are the state hospitals, as well as numerous private clinics in Turkey.

All current surgeries and care can be carried out over there. There are no linguistic problems and notification problems, because in the hospitals polyglot interpreters stand at possession.

In the majority cities of Turkey there are university hospitals. There is a big net of well qualified dentists in Turkey. The drug care is international, and the chemist's shops are found in very big number, almost on every house corner.


Chemists are identified bye the sign "Eczane" and are open daily from 8:00 AM until approximately 10:00 PM in high season. However, after normal business hours, one chemist remains open of the chemist 'On Duty' is posted on the door of all the chemists.

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