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Private & Project Financing

Our finance services include:
  • Project financing through foreign banks.
  • Project financing through direct Investors and Lenders.
  • Project Financing over Bond Systems AA + and AAA Bonds loan volume minimum 50 Mio. Euro, plus 14 % Equity Capital necessary.
  • Project Financing over International Banks, USA, United Kingdom and China, start for loans from 5 Mio Euro up to nearly no limits.
  • Project Financing over MTN Systems.
  • Project financing with a Lenders and Investor’s Bank Guarantee, over Credit Lines from the Borrowers Bank, but not over 50 Mio. Euro in Turkey, due to the Turkish Law.
  • Special Assets and Wealth Management Programs with a minimum investment of 1.000.000 Euro , US Dollar , CHF ( 1. Mio. Euro, US Dollar , CHF ).


We provide Finance mathematical guidance during the project phase with the following services:
  • Elaboration of all necessary finance-mathematical project works.
  • Production of business and development plans, as well as the creation of feasibility studies.
  • Constant optimization calculations during the construction and project phase, to raise the whole profit of a project at the end of the term.
  • Project Management programs for every size and complexity.
  • The development during the total financing period of any Project of the quarter yearly reports to the Lenders and Banks about the finance situation.
  • Development for the total financing period of any Project annual reports to the Lenders and Banks.






























We offer Private Placement Programs (for short PPP’s) through Investment Banking:
  • PPP’s for the private Investors, Businessman, but also for small or large Firms, Cooperation’s and Projects.
  • PPP’s to raise funds for personal use, but as well for small or large Projects or Re-investments.
  • PPPrograms start at a min. of 1 Million Euro, US Dollar, CHF  and are open up to 100 Million Euros, US Dollar, CHF  per PPP and higher , which must be shown in cash, our with Bank POF on the Investors Bank and the Funds can stay in his home country. Above 100 Million Euro, US Dollar,CHF for one PPP, bank documents can be used such as  BG, MTN's, SBLC, etc.
  • The investor needs to provide only a last resent bank statement (bank slip) or a official bank statement (POF) to proof existence of the funds, a CIS Client Information Sheet and a passport copy from the Investor. Very important to note is, that the funds of the investor, corporation or private Businessman, will only have to be blocked on the owners account, and will never at any given time leave the owners account. Therefore the risk for the investor is close to zero.
  • Our PPP’s are provided through us together with the 50 worlds top banks. They develop, launch and trade with this programs all over the globe. We dispose a large worldwide network of Finance Consultants, Traders, Brokers and PP Platforms.
  • The Funds must stay blocked on the Investors account for the whole PPP running period, which is in a short PPP about 4 to 6 weeks. In long term PPP’s funds must stay blocked up to maximum 12 month on the Investors account.
  • All profits made from the PPP are clear in net. Payouts from the PPP`s are done monthly in short term programs and weekly or monthly in long term programs. The profits will be paid out to a  Bank account from the Investors Home Bank in his country. The generated profits out of the PPP’s and offers over PGR. Ltd. can be used for any purpose and can be transferred into any country of your choice.

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