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House buyers purchasing for the first time frequently ask the same questions. These questions fall into two broad categories Purchasing Procedures and Living in Turkey:

Q: Are there any restrictions for foreigners purchasing in Turkey?
A: Only in rural areas and military zones. In our developments there are no restrictions on the
    land used.

Q: Will the property be freehold?

A: Yes, all properties sold by Padisah Golf Resorts Holding are classed as 'Freehold'.

Q: Can I take my pets?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I take my car to Turkey?

A: Yes, but not recommended as you have to pay. It's  expensive.

Q: Can I rent my property in Turkey?

A: Yes, you can rent private or through our Company.

Q: Can I open a bank account?

A: Yes. You need to take a tax number from the Turkish tax office. Our aftersales team can help
    with this matter.

Q: Can I sell my property in Turkey and take my money out of the country?

A: Yes, you can sell your property, rent your property or will your property.

Q: Can I ship my furniture?

A: Yes, you can but it's the Container transport and you can buy furniture in Turkey more cheap.

Q: Do I have to pay annually tax on my property?

A: Yes, the amount is calculated on the value of your property.

Q: Can I get a residents permit?

A: Yes, when you purchase your property, you can apply for a residents permit.

Q: How many properties can I purchase in Turkey?

A: There is no restriction on the amount of property you purchase.

Q: Is the crime rate in Turkey high?

A: No, but like any other country you visit. You must always take care. 

Q: When I purchase a property from a developer, who will help me 
     with after sales service?

A: The developer and the PGR holding provide an aftersales service to all clients.

Q: Is there a mortgage system available to foreigners to purchase property
     in Turkey?

A: There is no available mortgage through a Turkish banks but shortly there will be the mortgage
    available through English banks to purchase property abroad.

Q: How can I be sure that the Developer  is the right company to purchase
     my home with?

A: All companies that under our contracts have got years of history behind, including a good hand full of
     experience. We constantly control the quality and standards of each developer.

Q: Do I need earthquake insurance?

A: Earthquake insurance is compulsory in Turkey and is very cheap.

Q: Can I get house insurance in Turkey and is it expensive?

A: Yes, you can get house insurance and contents at a very good rate.

Q: Will I have any problems communicating in Turkey?

A: No, as most Turkish people speak English especially in the tourist areas.

Q: How the Turks behave towards foreigners?

A: Extreme friendly and very helpful people.

Q: How secure is it to life in Turkey?

A: Turkey has a very stable democratic state system already for over 80 years, and a lower
    crime rate than most countries in Europe.

Q: What are the advantages of purchasing a property in Turkey?

A: The stable economic situation with 5 annual increases in income in GNP, a rise of the GNP from
    yearly about 9%, and this is already for about 5 years. The nearness to Europe with very short
    flight times to Turkey. The strong appreciation of value of a real estate in Turkey.

Q: Is it expensive to live in Turkey?

A: No, the prices are perceptibly lower than in Europe and especially food, vegetables and fruits of
    all kind are very favorable. Low cost of living – 5th most inexpensive OECD country.

   The increase of the value by real estates has likewise risen during the last years immensely.

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